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  1. Feb 11,  · The music of the countryside, known collectively as musica campensina, gave rise to guajira, the lyrical, sweet musical form that extols the virtues of the land and Cuba’s beauty, while the trova, another rural style of music from the eastern part of the island, dispersed news and gossip, often through therpvarimevacmunilliliselradic.coinfo Cuban bolero, evolving from the trova, is the epitome of the romantic love song.
  2. Bongos (Spanish: bongó) are an Afro-Cuban percussion instrument consisting of a pair of small open bottomed drums of different therpvarimevacmunilliliselradic.coinfo Spanish the larger drum is called the hembra (female) and the smaller the macho (male). They are membranophones, or instruments that create sound by a vibration of a stretched membrane.
  3. Apr 28,  · The timba can be denominated like one of the Cuban rhythms that contribute more to the popular music of the island. With its base on instruments such as drums, piano, bass, trumpet, maracas, bongó, pailas or güiro, timba is a product of fusion music created by famous bands like NG La Banda, under the direction of José Luis Cortés “el.
  4. Mr Bongo. Music by Hollie Cook, Seu Jorge, Prince Fatty, Incredible Bongo Band, Jorge Ben and more. Home of Brazil 45’s, Latin 45’s, Africa 45’s and films.
  5. THE CUBAN Music History: The “SON” Gender vocal, instrumental dance, which is one of the basic ways in Cuban music. Presents in its structure, elements from African music (Bantu) and Spanish, but it fades in Cuban rhythmic twists converge in l, choruses, percussive modes, intonations and sounds of plucked strings denouncing his two original sources.
  6. Various – Güiro, Bongó y Maracas: Cuban Dance Bands in New York, (Harlequin) Various – Hot Music from Cuba, (Harlequin) Various – La Leyanda de la Musica Cuba (?? – available via Far Side Music) Various – The Music of Cuba, (Columbia) Various – Out of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa By Storm.
  7. A1 Let There Be Drums / A2 Apache / A3 Bongolia / A4 Last Bongo In Belgium / B1 Dueling Bongos / B2 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / B3 Raunchy '73 / B4 Bongo Rock '73 For the first time since its release in a genuine, bona fide reissue of the classic record which became a foundation of rap and popular music, packaged as it would have been seen on.
  8. The maracas, for their In the Cuban "son", dance and concert music, the Spanish guitar and song melodies with European character and in Spanish language are omnipresent, finishing the mix and creating a typically Cuban identity. which continues, which makes the traditional Afro-Cuban music, a heritage of many traditions of the whole.

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