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  1. 'THE GROUND OF BEING'1 THE phrase 'the Ground of Being' has come to a number of people's attention recently owing to the fact that the Bishop of Woolwich in Honest to God has used it as a possible way of speaking of a God who is not 'up there' or 'out there'.
  2. Mar 26,  · On one side are Protestants like Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne (God is a person, not merely some abstract Ground of Being). On the other are Catholics like Edward Feser and Thomas Aquinas (God is prior to personhood). Here’s Feser framing the debate.
  3. In Christianity: The belief in the oneness of the Father and the Son the impersonal concept of “the Ground of Being,” or “Being Itself,” pointed toward an understanding of the pre-personal depths of the transcendence of Godhood.
  4. To put the issue in traditional language: if God is a being, then God is a creature, even if the highest one, and thus cannot be the Creator. Rather, God must be understood as the "ground of Being-Itself".
  5. What is The Ground of Being? 1) Distinction Between Being and Existence. 2) Tillich's refusal to prove God. 3) Being and God. 4) Being vs. The Beings.
  6. Nov 29,  · Paul Tillich() was a German-American philosopher and theologian who coined the term “Ground of Being” to describe God. He taught that God is Being Itself. In fact, Tillich used the terms “Ground of Being” and “Being Itself” interchangeably.
  7. Ground of Being. You are being held in a Ground of Being of loving-kindness and the power that resides within you as you read these words: you are loved and capable of taking charge of your life at every moment. If you want to be heard and of use, before anything is communicated to anyone in any environment, the audience, the individuals you.
  8. When you know your ground of being you will sense quickly those times that you are not acting in harmony with that nature. Knowing your ground of being, developing it, means that you don’t react, don’t start or become part of drama, don’t respond to others from a fearful or hateful place. Our deepest values form our ground of being.
  9. Jun 18,  · GROUND OF BEING Groovy and affordable dwellings for all Welcome, this page is dedicated to educate and promote alternative building.

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