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  4. Oct 25,  · There’s a reason why playing is encouraged in schools for younger kids: it builds the mind and enhances imagination. Take time out of your day to build something using toys. It can relieve your stress and help you to become more creative. Carry a small set of Legos or another building activity with you when you therpvarimevacmunilliliselradic.coinfog: Mindrop.
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  7. Memory uses the imagination. Much of our thinking, whether planning or "jumping to conclusions," involves our imagination. Fear and faith operate in the realm of imagination.  Many top athletes successfully use their imagination in training. Vividly imagining a successful action seems to be more effective in training than doing it physically.
  8. Do you remember using your imagination as a child? Perhaps you imagined you were a princess, a pirate, or a superhero. When we grow into adults, we may be discouraged from using this ability, because it’s not viewed as a grown-up, “realistic” use of our minds. But God gave us creative, healthy minds to use, and we can gain a good.

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