8 thoughts on “ GuysNDolls* - バラ色のメロディー Same Old Way (Vinyl) ”

  1. One of a set of the same thing; a duplicate. , Southeastern College Art Conference Review One might view this attempt to ensure the scarcity of a multiple as both a marketing ploy and form of elitism. A single individual who has multiple personalities. , Ann M. Garvey, Ann 's Multiple World of Personality: Regular No Cream, No Sugar.
  2. 【形】 多数 {たすう} の[から成る]、多角的 {たかく てき} な、複合 {ふくごう} の、複式 {ふくしき} の、多様 {たよう} な、倍数 {ばいすう} の、多重 {たじゅう} の ・He has worked in multiple countries.: 彼はさまざまな国で働いたことがあります。 ・I warned him multiple times, but .

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