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  2. Just one more now that makes four, And I'm still watchin the door and wonderin, If you'll come back tonight. (2) One more sad song might keep me from the jukebox One more dollar in it just might get me by, One more hour from watchin that old wall clock And if one more don't do it I got the rest of my life.
  3. One more dollar and I'm going home No work, said the boss at the bunkhouse door There's a freeze on the branches So when the dice came out at the bar downtown I rolled and took my chances One more dime to show for my day One more dollar and I'm on my way When I reach those hills, boys, I'll never roam One more dollar and I'm going home.
  4. Top Bluegrass Songs Collection. Song: One More Dollar, with Lyrics, Chords and PDF(also with some tabs).
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  6. May 30,  · Acoustic room treatment, on the other hand, aims to control the sound reflections in a room in order to allow for better recordings and mixes. Both of these are extremely valuable, but neither one does the job of the other.
  7. One More Dollar: Bob Spring | Solo Acoustic Show. Public · Hosted by Kater. clock. Thursday, July 9, at PM – PM UTC+ 4 days ago. pin. Kater. Kanonengasse 33, Zürich, Switzerland. Show Map. Hide Map. Bar +41 44 83 [email protected] Get .
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