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  1. Hey guys been a while sitting here having a beer with Simon from Class of 81 looking at what he missed at the reunion. Hey Larry and Ave I see you guys are still at it. Is there still space for Vegas? Havent been on the site for a while but hey its like a soap opera you stop watching for a month and still pick up where you left off!! Kidding lol.
  2. 1) It may not look cool, but wearing a bike helmet can save your life. If you come off the bke and your head hits something like pavement or a wall, brain damage can result if the acceleration of your head is too large ("it's not velocity that hurts you, it's accelerationl) Consider a head moving with an initial speed va when a collision witha wall causes it to quickly stop, reverse direction.
  3. Your company sells its products through Bike Shops, Sports Stores, and Discount Stores. These Distributors retain a margin for selling your bikes known as a Retail Margin. Your Wholesale Price is the amount that your Distributors pay you for each bike sold.
  4. Oct 16,  · Bob left home, riding his bike at a rate of 10mph to go to the lake. Cheryl, his wife, left 45 minutes ( hours) later, driving her car at a rate of -
  5. Cos its ur fault u fall under these category Rain's 3 rules: ~Thou shall not backstab me or my loved ones~ ~Thou shall not lie to me or keep things from me~ ~Thou shall not break my heart~ ~Whoever break any of this 3 rules pls dun bother coming back to look for me~ My Motto: Mother Theresa once said.
  6. Hey, its the reporter, Janna, from Lyons, KS Hope your trip has gone well and the shin has gotten better. I continue to check your journal entries and keep up on your story. Two copies of the newspaper are in the mail and will be waiting for you in Maryland. Good luck on the rest of your trip and it was a pleasure to have met you.
  7. I think piracy should be legal because as people said before its not hurting anyone, And its not stealing. People who like watching films and don´t have many money have to pay per film maybe euros, That is not afordable for anyone, And there are many films that aren't in netflix or other websites.
  8. Being so close to the station also had its merits: we spotted every combini chain, a Matsuya, a Denny's, a McDonald's, a dozen of local eateries, a manga cafe, a mall and basically anything I could think of just while walking to the train station entrance. "Hey Bro. Mom I didn't call anyone- ohhhhh, afternoon Yukino-san! Nice to see you.
  9. I agree. Hey, I don't mean to sound like I was coming to any certain way. I'm just saying like Hey you just sounded and he said no you're fine man. You know I was just messing with you you feeling alright man. I'm feeling better bro. Yeah way much better. Oh I like your shirt bro you kinda look like a Super hero or something going on.

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